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We at Right2Vote, conduct more than 2000 elections every year. We manage elections for all kind of organization including corporates, clubs, associations, cooperatives, colleges, schools, unions, NGOs, government etc. Check out the list of customers using Right2Vote servicers here

Here we discuss case studies of few of our select customers to showcase how Right2Vote's online voting technology is revolutionizing elections. We share with you the positive impact created by Right2Vote' voting software compared to erstwhile offline voting systems.

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Employees Trust

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Employee Trust - Right2Vote

Right2Vote managed the elections for Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited Employee Trust (UPPCL CPF Trust) and few other sister concerns. UPPCL is a state government owned power generation company of Uttar Pradesh Government. There are more than 40,000 employees and they have an employee managed fund to manage their retirement fund. Employees needed an election to select a new management for the fund.

The biggest challenge for UPPCL was that its members are mostly blue-collar workers spread across remote plant locations across the state of Uttar Pradesh. Previously they had been managing elections via paper ballot and faced many challenges. The company used to declare the day of election as a holiday to enable the employees to go to the booths and vote. This meant huge loss of productivity. They used to create multiple booths across plant locations and also formed an election committee with volunteers to manage these elections. This meant loss of several man days in management of elections. Even with all these efforts the voting percentage was quite low as employees had to wait in queue for hours to vote.

With Right2Vote's eVoting technology all these issues were resolved. The complete election process was managed by the Right2Vote team. This saved the employees of UPPCL from election duties and enabled them to focus on their regular work. Not a single man day was lost in management of election. The cost of managing the election was a small fraction of the costs in previous elections.

Above all, the voting percentage increased by 42% compared to the previous election. Total number of voters were around 40,000 of which, around 12,500 voted in the first hour itself. Due to online voting system there was no problem of queuing.

Overall, UPPCL ended up saving substantially on cost, time and human effort. It also remarkably increased the voting percentage and there were no allegations of any wrong practices like false voting, duplicate voting etc. Everybody including the management, candidates and the voters appreciated the system for security, transparency, and ease of use. The management was so happy with the platform that other sister organizations also upgraded from paper voting to Right2Vote's online voting technology.

IIT Delhi

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi - Right2Vote

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi is one of the most prestigious engineering institutes in India. There are more than 40,000 Alumni of IIT Delhi who are spread across the world with more than 25% living outside India. IIT Delhi used to hold alumni meet in last week of April every year where a physical booth used to be set up for paper-based voting. Very few alumni were able to attend the alumni meet as most of them are based outside Delhi and even in Delhi, very few are able to take out time from their regular work to attend the meeting. Among the people who attended the meeting, very few actually voted because they had to stand in a queue to vote and people would rather prefer to spend more time socializing with their friends rather then standing in a queue.

IIT Delhi Alumni Association (IITDAA) decided to upgrade to Right2Vote's online voting technology. It was game changer for IITDAA elections. Alumni from 25 different countries were able to participate and vote in the elections. Number of people voted increase more than 5 times compared to previous elections. Overall voting percentage was more than 65%. This ensured election of more representative management committee. Alumni outside the city of Delhi also welcomed that now they also have say in the working of the organization.

The process of voting, for each voter, did not took more than a minute. Hence, the alumni were able to spend more time socializing rather than standing in a queue. Also, the management committee which used to be preoccupied with election management was able to actively participate in the alumni meet as all election management was automatic and managed by Right2Vote team. Even result counting was automatic and instant. Hence it was possible to announce the result during the event itself. IIT Delhi management and Alumni highly appreciated Right2Vote's online voting platform and the transformational impact it had on IITDAA elections. Since that elections, IITDAA has not gone back to paper voting.

IIM Indore

Indian Institute of Management Indore - Right2Vote

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore is one of the finest and most prestigious management institute in India. IIM Indore is the biggest IIM in terms of number of students on campus each year. The PGP Students Activity Council (SAC) is a democratically elected body for managing all the activities that support the student community of IIM Indore. This body consists of 10 Committees, 10 Activity Clubs, 9 Interest Clubs, 4 Special Interest Groups and the heads of the Institute's National Level Events, all of which are coordinated by the SAC Coordinator.

SAC had experimented with digital voting in previous years but had faced challenges relating to accuracy, controls, and event management. There were allegations that same voter can vote more than once as the laptop-based system does not have enough controls on what the voter is doing once he is inside a booth. Another problem with the laptop-based system was absence of secret ballot. The team involved in election management was able to find out who voted for whom which was against the spirit of free voting. Also, with growing number of students, managing students' elections in a booth based set up was becoming more and more difficult. All students were not available for voting at the same time due to classes and other commitments.

Right2Vote's online voting software was a perfect solution to all their problems. The platform helped them conduct elections in a short duration and also announce the results instantly. Two factor authentication using mobile OTP and email OTP ensured 100% accurate authentication and elimination of duplicate voting. Secret ballot feature ensured free and fair elections.

The biggest achievement with the new system was that voting percentage increased from around 50% to around 85% as it become very convenient and time efficient to vote. No time of the students was wasted in election management and the students were able to vote from anywhere. It took them less than a minute to vote via their mobile. In the earlier system they have to waste lot of time in the queue. Students and the election committee appreciated the platform for being feature rich, smooth, fast, convenient, user friendly and efficient.

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