How the e-voting method helps to increase the number of votes

//How the e-voting method helps to increase the number of votes

How the e-voting method helps to increase the number of votes

The Lok Sabha poll is on its way. Again India needs to choose the central ruling party for the upcoming 5 years. The largest democratic country is gearing for this big election. Political parties have started their poll campaigns already. India has a large number of voters and every year more voters are added in the list. But there is a lot of wastage of votes during each election. E-voting system in India could have aided to prevent the wastage of votes to a large extent.

According to reports, roughly 28 crores voters were not able to cast their vote in the past Lok Sabha assembly elections. These valuable votes which could have made an impact in Loksabha election were futile. So, why is that? What were the reasons?


  • Now students are opting for studying in different cities or even abroad. So, getting leave for a vote is not always possible.
  • Same goes for the working professionals. Most of them work in different cities and sometimes the journey can take more than one day. They may not get leave from work.
  • There are labors who work in different states and they also often cannot come to their home during the vote.


  • Disabled persons often do not visit polling stations. There may not be an adequate infrastructure to assist them.


  • Unfortunately, many people become unwell or hospitalized. So, no vote from their end is cast.
  • Pregnant women also do not visit owing to restrictions on the journey.
  • Elderly people often give voting a miss. They may not have that much strength to visit the polling station. Or, they might not want to get out due to old age issues.
  • Many working professionals cannot stand in a queue during the scheduled time as they have other commitments.

These are the estimated causes. Indian government employees posted in other places have the option of casting their vote through postal ballots. Those who are in polling duty also vote via this same process. But, what about the non-governmental employees? They do not have any option left other than a note to vote.

How to prevent wastage of votes in India?

  • The solution is the E-voting system in India. E-voting is a process of voting via the internet.
  • In this process, a voter can cast his/her vote through a website, online portal or an app. Many countries have opted for this.
  • You do not need to visit the polling booth or polling station. You have to just open the site/app and vote.
  • It can be an effective solution to curb wastage. India has become digitalized and a major part of the citizens have opted for online facilities like e-banking, wallet etc. So, digital voting is also possible.

Strategies to curtail wastage of votes in India:

    • The government can use an app or website or a portal for voting. These can be available for a certain period of time and a voter must vote within that time. It can curb at least 60% wastage of those votes.
    • The students or workers who cannot vote in physically in their constituency can opt for this option. They can easily vote from anywhere in the world.
  • The disabled people will be benefitted from this process. The hospitalized voters or pregnant female voters will also get a chance to take part in an election with the e-voting system in India.
  • It can become a great option for elderly people. Some problems may arise in this case. But right training eventually helps to execute the vote digitally.
  • So, every year less and less vote will be wasted and the election process will become more efficient.

Problems associated with e-voting:

  • E-voting system in India has a very long way to proceed. The voting portals must be secured. If cybercrime happens it will be a matter of blunder and great sabotage towards the nation.
  • The voter’s security must be given topmost priority. If tracing back happens the voter may have life-threatening or many other problems. So, the government needs to be extra careful with this step.
  • Many people do not have access to a stable internet connection /computer /smartphone. The labors come under this segment. So, the government needs to ensure that these people get adequate exposure to the internet and become accustomed.

To sum up, it can be said that whatever the problems maybe we cannot deny that E-voting is an effective way to curb the huge amount of wastage of votes during each election. If it is used properly and judiciously, it can help us in the most prolific way.

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